Read Accessible Vue

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Not a web app is like another. Therefore, I'm certain that this book has not covered all challenges that you discover when making a Vue-based app accessible.

Nevertheless, I hope it helped your on your way towards accessibility. And maybe the web app accessibility field overall.

All things web development have fast-moving pace. Therefore I would not be enough to only release a book like this once and then let it gather some dust and let it become more and more outdated. That's why I will update this book with new developments in Vue.js, and when new research results come to my attention. Regardless, please reach out to me if you find errors, and in case I haven't succeeded in explained something properly.

I hope, now having finished the book, you get a sense of why I wrote it. Accessibility is an exciting topic (and this industry needs more folks excited about this, well, niche). Marcy Sutton put it nicely in React Podcast Episode 116: "What an opportunity – and responsibility – it is to make things accessible!".

Let me end with a very opinionated and personal take: By being a framework instead of a library, by being very convenient for developers, Vue frees up plenty of mental space in us that can be used to care for the output. And caring for the output is so very important for accessibility. Let's care for the output together!

Last update 2021